Adoptable Medium Spayed/NeuteredUp-to-date with routine shotshousetrainedDeclawedPrefers No Kids

Once comfortable, Coco will become the center of attention. A most vocal cat, if you are not at least looking in her direction, she will be ‘meowing’ or making a scene. She also becomes quite lonely, so a home with other pets or a retired person would be preferable. As you can probably tell by now, her lack of body mass is far exceeded by her ‘queen bee’ like personality. When you are paying attention to another cat, she will find a way to sit on you (whether that be climbing onto your lap or leaping onto your back when you’re grabbing something off of the floor) and proceed to scream at you in a desperate attempt to be ‘noticed.’ And, as you might have guessed, she is the epitome of an underfoot cat. Coco is the cause of the majority of the cat related spills and trips in our shelter. She also LOVES to play and takes her hunting instinct quite seriously (and if you have other small animals you won’t be wanting to leave her with them unsupervised). Overall, Coco is a high maintenance cat and will need a home that is up to her standards.